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Whether it is an antique hunting rifle or a grandfather’s service revolver, a specialized AR-15 build or a shiny new 1911, rifles and handguns are prized possessions with many uses and stories. They hold within their wood and metal exterior an intrinsic beauty that is oft over looked and disregarded. Most firearms are also kept securely locked within a sturdy safe, hidden away from view. Your firearm is a big part of your life. Whether it is your tool as a trained professional to protect and serve, your helping hand in bringing home game for dinner, or your teammate in competition, it is an extension of your personality. You have conversations about it and the lifestyle that you live with it. Now it is time to show it off.

Ardent Photography offers an artistic eye to turn your prized possession into a beautiful piece of art. I will come to you and photograph your beloved firearm in a way that showcases its historic quality or modern marvel. There is a lot of gun photography out in the world today, bright and pristine, but I offer something different, something that draws out the conversation. Call me today to schedule your appointment for a fine art portrait session of your handgun or rifle. Sessions start at $75 for a half an hour with prints being separate.

Print Size - Price
4x6 - $5.00
5x7 - $15.00
8x10 - $35.00
11x14 - $50.00
16x20 - $85.00
20x30 - $150.00

Please contact me about the availability of canvas and Fine Art Paper prints.

Don't have the collection you wish you did? I have a collection of beautiful art, ready to purchase as prints, on canvas, or uniquely framed. Please take a moment to peruse through my gun art gallery on Etsy. I also take special orders. Would you like a photograph that you do not see in the gallery? Send me an E-mail at; I love fulfilling customer requests. I also have my gun art displayed on mugs, calendars, shoes, t-shirts and more at Display your love of firearms proudly and with class.

To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions, E-mail or call 253-566-6175.
Gun art from Ardent Photography